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Who Can Enter?

All marketers and producers of business-to-business (B2B) communications for industry or professional audiences, including shareholder communications, within the state of Texas are eligible to enter the Lantern Awards of Texas competition. This includes non-profit fundraising directed toward corporate donors as well as ANA members and non-members alike. Review all the categories to determine how to best enter your work.


Entries are limited to B2B communications. No consumer marketing materials will be accepted.

What Is Qualified to Enter?

All entries must have been produced in Texas or for use by a Texas company and implemented in the United States between September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2022.


Entries submitted to previous Lantern Awards of Texas competitions are ineligible. Let the rest of us have a chance at the pot.


All entry forms must be filled out and submitted online. Negligence to do so will result in disqualification.

Preparing your entry online

We're accepting entries digitally and only Lantern Awards and Award of Excellence winners will be required to submit boards.


Content included in your online entry must conform to the following specifications:


  1. Clearly indicate the category in which you want your work to compete.

  2. Write a description of the criteria: selling proposition/objectives, target audience strategy/implementation, creativity, and results.

  3. For each entry, upload a high res pdf or jpg (300 dpi). Multiple files may be uploaded.

  4. For all entries in Categories A–D, and some in M, N, and O, video file(s) or web link(s) illustrating why the entry should win in that award category should be submitted online with any required login/password to link(s) field on entry form. If a program does not run, or the link fails to work, it will not be judged (unlimited number of web links with your submission).


Entries may be submitted in more than one award category. Individual campaign components can be entered both as single elements and as a group in a campaign category. 


Entry fees are calculated based on the number of entries and the number of categories into which they are entered (i.e., a single entry submitted in two categories will incur two entry fees).


ALL award winners are requested to attend the Gala and Exhibition for recognition.


You must submit entries at

Board Specifications

This year we are only requiring boards for our Lantern and Award of Excellence winners. Once you are notified that you have been selected, we will request a board be created.


ALL entries must be submitted on a landscape 30" w by 20" h rigid board(s) for the Gala and Exhibition. Utilize the space on each board to best tell the story for each entry. No oversized boards accepted.


If 3D objects, binders, magazines, brochures, etc., cannot be securely affixed to the board, mount photographs/images of the pieces and include the items in a separate container. Clearly mark the separate items with the entry number to avoid separation from entry details.


Package boards together and clearly label each board with the entry number and board number (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.) to prevent separation in handling.

Additional Notes

If your submission is a winner of either a Lantern Award or an Award of Excellence you will be notified of where and when to drop off a board for display at the gala.

Entry fees are calculated based on the number of entries and the number of categories into which they are entered (i.e., a single entry submitted in two categories will incur two entry fees).

ALL award winners are requested to attend the Gala and Exhibition for recognition.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorships are going fast, but opportunities are still available! Contact us at

Deadline For Entry

DEADLINE of Friday, September 30, 2022 by MIDNIGHT

Make sure your bets are in by the deadline. Submit entries at

Entry Pricing

Early Bird Pricing: now - September 16, 2022

Members: $90/entry  
Non-Members: $135/entry

Regular Pricing: September 17 - September 30, 2022
Members: $125/entry
Non-Members: $175/entry

Judging Criteria

The Lantern Awards Committee assembles a wise panel of B2B marketing professionals from ANA chapters nationwide to judge our competition.


These objective, expert judges are a key reason why the Lantern Awards have been recognized as Houston’s most prestigious marketing and advertising awards competition dedicated solely to the B2B industry.


The selected judges dedicate their time and expertise to participate in a rigorous process of judging the contest entries and selecting award recipients.


Each entry is independently reviewed by each judge and scored in four categories:


Selling Proposition/Objectives:
What was your intended goal for the marketing piece, including planned time frame for the marketing message and expected measurable results?

Target Audience/Strategy/Implementation: 
Who is selling what to whom and why might they be interested? How was it used within the strategy created? What KPI was used?

Does the creative work address your intended goal? Is the style of the creative work well suited for the audience? Is there something unique and memorable about the creative elements? How does it stand apart from competitors?

What were the specific, measurable, behavioral results as related to the original objective? Using the KPI mentioned in #2, describe your results with statistics and tracking data.

The judging scores for each entry are tallied into a total cumulative score, which is used to determine winners of Lantern Awards and Awards of Excellence. The judges reconvene to select Rookie of the Year, Agency of the Year, Best of Oil & Gas, Best of Show, and Judges’ Choice from overall Lantern Award winners.

Lantern Awards & Awards of Excellence

A Lantern Award is given to the highest scoring entry out of all Awards of Excellence within each category. Only one Lantern Award is presented per category; however, one is not necessarily granted for every category. An Award of Excellence is presented to the next highest ranked piece(s) in recognition for marketing excellence within each category.

Special Awards

Selected from individual category Lantern Award winners.


Rookie of the Year

Selected by judges from first-time entrants receiving a Lantern Award


Agency of the Year

Selected by judges from agencies receiving a Lantern Award


Best of Oil & Gas 

Selected by judges from overall Lantern Award winners


Best of Show* 

Selected by judges from overall Lantern Award winners


People’s Choice

Selected during the gala by attendees from all displayed entries


Judges’ Choice

Selected by the judges for an entry that did not win a Lantern Award, but the judges felt was deserving of special consideration

*The Best of Show award winner may continue on to compete in the ANA's Business Marketing Association B2 Awards courtesy of ANA Houston. The ANA B2 Awards is a nationwide competition across all ANA chapters which recognizes and honors business marketers for innovative global brand strategy, customer marketing strategy, integrated internal and external marketing communications strategy, e-business strategy, new media strategy and successful new product and service introductions.


All winning entries will be revealed on November 17, 2022, at the Lantern Awards Gala Exhibition and Dinner. One award will be presented for each winning entry. Additional copies of awards may be purchased after the awards presentation.


Contact for details.



This is not a riff off! To dominate this battle you need to play by the rules. Learn who can enter and everything you need to know about preparing your entries.

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