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How do I pay for my entries? Can I pay for my entries separately?

All entries should be paid for online. Once the entry form is submitted, you will have the option to pay for that entry or you can pay for all of your entries at once.

I have more than one person submitting entries. Can we submit the entries at different times and then pay for them all at once?

If you want all entries to be logged under the same account, all users must login with the same user ID and password when completing entry forms. Only one user can be logged into the account at a time. Entries do not have to be submitted under the same account to be paid for together. Be sure to list all entry numbers being paid for in the payment form.


The entry forms are set up for online submitting, however ANA requires me to attach printed forms to the boards. Do you have a pdf form that you can send me in order to make the prints?

You can view and print or save all entry forms you have completed within My Entries. To print the entry form, click the printer icon next to the complete submitted entry name.

Who should be listed in the contact details on the entry form?

These contact details are in place so that the Lantern Awards Committee knows whom to contact if there are any questions about your entry. The contact information will default to the first person entered, however, it does not have to be the same person for every entry. This is also the person who will be contacted regarding winning entries.

Display Boards

Do all entries require a display board, even the digital ones?

Yes. If your entry wins an award, we will display your board at The Lantern Awards Gala Exhibition and Dinner.

What size and type of board should I use for my entry?

See Entry Rules.

How do I mount my entry to a board?

See Entry Rules.

I have a 3D package design with multiple components. Do I mount artwork on the black boards as well as mail the 3D box separately?

We have two options, depending on the actual shape and size of the package:


  1. If it is easily mounted, go ahead and mount the box and the contents on the board.

  2. If it is a larger 3D piece and not easily mounted, mount photographs of the item(s) and include the entire package separately. We suggest enclosing the package in a bag or some type of container. Deliver the package with your mounted entry and include an additional copy of the Entry Form to avoid misplacement.

I have an odd-sized, multi-page printed item to enter (such as a calendar, magazine, catalog, or annual report), but I am not sure how to mount it. What would you suggest I do to make sure I meet the required guidelines?

If the piece is lightweight, include the entire printed piece in a secured pocket mounted to the board so that the judges can take it out and look through the pages of the document. You may also consider displaying inside pages from the item on the board.


How are entries judged?

See Entry Rules.

How do I submit my company's entries?

Visit and log in or create an account. Click on My Entries to submit your entries.


What is business-to-business (B2B)?

Business-to-business (B2B) describes commercial transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. B2B marketing materials are created by individuals or organizations— including commercial businesses, governments and institutions—and seek to facilitate the sale of their products or services to other companies or organizations. Those parties in turn resell them, use them as components in products or services they offer, or use them to support their operations. The Lantern Awards celebrates this kind of work, rather than consumer-facing marketing efforts. Any business-to-consumer entries will automatically be disqualified without refund.


Why is there not a word count limit for each section of the criteria?

Judges ask that you be descriptive but brief when describing your entry.

Do I have to fill out all four criteria sections?

Thoroughly completing all of the criteria, selling proposition/objectives, target audience/strategy/implementation, creativity, and results, is the best way to help the judges properly score your entry. For best results, be brief but as descriptive as possible.


When a category lists a budget, what does the budget include?

Budget includes the entire ad campaign budget (cost of creative, placements, etc.). Rationale on where the ads were placed, how effective they were, what response was received, etc., as well as the rationale behind the creative, is all taken into consideration by the judges, so include as much detail as possible.

In some categories, you request 2–3 pieces from a campaign or a series be submitted. What does this mean?

A campaign or a series must have two or more pieces to be defined as such. The judges need to see an appropriate sampling of either to properly score the campaign or series.

We have a campaign entry that includes both web and print. Should we submit the website and the printed piece separately or together?

This could actually be two separate entries under individual components (one for print and one for web) or submitted together as a total campaign (to include both components together). You can include the other components to help with the rationale behind the entry, but each entry will be judged within the category entered. 

Can I submit the same art in more than one category?

Yes, however, each entry requires its own entry form and entry fee.


I have a website or video, how do I submit these types of entries?

Review the categories to find the best fit for your entry. Complete the entry form by filling in all required information. Enter the video file(s) or web link(s) with any required login/password to link(s) field on entry form. You may submit an unlimited number of links with your submission.

I have a digital entry and my site requires a login to view. What do I do?

Include the necessary login details with the entry form in the link(s) field. If you need to set up a temporary password, make sure it stays active through the end of judging.

Annual Reports

I want to submit a departmental annual report that was for both internal and external consumption. The only category I can see that this would fit into is the annual report under Category K. This report was subject-limited rather than of the entire company. What category does it fall under?

That would still fall under the Annual Report category (K5). In your entry rationale, be sure to note that it is a "piece" of the annual report and not a full-blown annual report.


How do I get help with my entries?

First, review the Entry Rules and the FAQ sections. If your question remains unanswered, email us at



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